Sunday, 24 March 2019

Why Tripod?

"Why do you call your dog Tripod?"

"Does he have 3 legs?"

"Tripod as in the camera tripod? That Tripod?"

"Your dog's name very unique hor!"

These are the general reactions when people ask Tripod's name and I tell them his name. Let's clear it up now: Why did I name Tripod, Tripod?

For this, we have to travel backwards in time, all the way to when I was 13. One fine rainy morning, I was on the way to school for my history exams (Any one still remembers Chandra Gupta Maria). At that time, I was still very studious and I was extremely concerned about my academic results. I didn't have much time to study the night before, so I was feeling very stress on the way to school. 

I actually have social phobia, where I cannot be in a place full of strangers without my headphones to help block everything out; so I was listening to FM98.7 while I walked to school. That day, I remember clearly, the DJs were asking for people to call in to share the weirdest pet names that have for their souses, aka nicknames. However, one of the callers misheard, and called in to share about her friend's dog's name. The DJs burst out laughing, mainly because of the misunderstanding, and also because of the dog's name as well. 

Honestly, it's not that funny now, it was just a very adorable mistake, but because I was so stressed during that time, I found it hilarious and I was laughing to myself about it. From then, I decided that my first dog's name would be Tripod. Tripod then became my motivation to do well, because I told my mum, that I would get a dog named Tripod once I graduated poly/JC, whichever that I chose to go to. My mum just agreed to it, because she thought it was just a one time thing. Little did she know that I really meant what I said. 

Then came my 3rd year of FYP, and I lost the motivation to work hard for it. A lot of things happened in my 3rd year, I got into a heated argument with my lecturer that has 0 respects for the students, and the issue blew up to be enormous, and it became wide spread to the entire course, not just only my year 3 cohort. Everywhere I went, I felt like everyone was staring and talking about me (probably partially due to my social phobia, idk). It got so bad that I shut myself out from school and my group; not sure if they realized it, they probably thought it was just me with my mood swings.. It badly affected my group, because I was in-charge of the art department in my group, and no one else could / was willing to step up to help cover their own ass somehow. 

Eventually my mum agreed to let me have a dog, and that became my motivation to just work towards graduation. I managed to graduate in the end, even though I refuse to submit my final assignment, thought I still couldn't walk out of the trauma of that incident, and I lost a good friend because of that as well. But tah-dah! I got Tripod! 

Even now, Tripod is still my happy pill and my motivation for everything, he's my motivation to get a job and work hard so that I can provide him with better food, and if anything bad happens during the day, the first thing I do when I go home is to get a hug from tripod and a mouthful of his forever shedding fur, and an occasional whipping from his cane - like tail. He's the reason why I wake up early to go for walks with him, and also the reason I stopped sleeping my life away when I have no work. I honestly have no idea where I would be now if Tripod wasn't around. 

I once asked an AC to help me ask Tripod why he doesn't react to his name at first, and the answer I got was that he feels like people keep laughing at his name. Now, I tell Tripod everyday, that he (and the name Tripod) is very precious to me and plays an important role in my life, regardless of what people say. Some may say that he may not understand what I mean, but I would like to keep my faith that I have at least this bit of connection with him. I'm not sure how many of you can relate to that, maybe it's just me.

Conclusion: please just love Tripod and embrace his name and him as himself! 

Lots of Laughters, 
Tripod and Human

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