Sunday, 17 March 2019

Start of Tripod's Wardrobe Collection

OK. To be honest,  Tripod doesn't have that many accessories. #TrueWordsComingFromTheHeart. He used to have, I think over 40+ bandanas? But now the collection is down to only 30+. Isn't that sad?

Initially when I got Tripod, my family were not 100% agreeable to it, simply because of his breed. Despite my parents having bigger dogs in their home last time in their childhood (by bigger i meant a doberman),  my mum was actually scared of "big dogs", and she was expecting me to adopt a small breed dog which I refused to. This extends all the way to my aunts and grandma, while they thought that Tripod was cute, they were also worried because big dogs = fierce dogs.

Such a scary big pupper :")

Then I met my neighbor, who owns Heihei, Tripod's first friend when he came to our neighborhood. She gave me some of Heihei's shirts, which he doesn't wear, because Heihei doesn't like anything on him other than his collars. Tripod was so tiny at that time, and the shirt was oversized, making him look extremely adorable!! And that triggered Tripod's wardrobe collection. See below for Tripod's first ever shirts! He still wears them now~

Tripod generally doesn't have a temper, he's pretty tolerant to everything that I do, and has absolutely no objections to me putting on clothes for him. This eventually lead to his first bandana (blue), then the first customized bandana, then backpacks, then eventually fancy collars! One of Tripod's first fancier collars came from PawsNWags, a pink sakura one. Tripod's fur is this very neutral color, so pretty much every color looks good on him, including pink!  Tripod also landed his first pawdel gig with PawsNWags too, his photo was on display in their booth when we went for one of the events and chanced upon the human behind PawsNWags by chance!

 But Tripod being Tripod, he just had to cause trouble for me. I eventually realized that he can slip out from his buckle collar, because of his odd body proportion. Tripod's neck circumference is only 36cm. My cousin's maltipoo's neck measures 28cm. Can't understand his body proportion, but I had to deal with it somehow, which was then I came across fabric martingales, and I can't turn back. Mainly because of the variety of designs available. I kept bugging Ocha Mama telling her that when she released her martingale collection, I will be the first to get it! I don't think i managed to fulfill that promise, but I managed to snag myself a one of a kind design for the collar!

I love that design, and we would have used it everyday, if not for the fact that Tripod's neck becoming smaller again when we tried the new collar on him. Right now that beautiful piece is undergoing alterations, but once it's back we will have tons of photos and matching bandanas to have a photoshoot session with it!

I think that's about it, there's nothing much that I can share about Tripod's wardrobe now. We are superlly culturally diverse though, so if anyone has like cool lobangs for new style accessories, do hit us up!

Lots of Licks(From Tripod),
Tripod and Human

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