Monday, 29 April 2019


Hello Friends.


Today, let’s talk about how I came to know about pawsnwags & their beautiful work.


Last year, mid of May, I was planning a last minute surprise birthday party for my hubby. A soccer themed party as he is a die-hard fan of Man UTD! During the last few planning, I realized my princess was going to be awkward because while all the friends are going to be in soccer themed shirts, she had none!! How can that be?

Imagine the stress I was facing? I was in panic mode. Messaging everyone I know if they can set up something for Sofia to wear at the party. Not many had ideas. Until my friend Rin, recommended pawsnwags.

When I messaged Jasmine, founder of pawsnwags replied me immediately and agreed to actually help me do up a bandana for Sofia!!! You will never guess how happy I was, because I was running out of time to have everything in place for the surprise party.

One aspect I love about Jasmine-the founder of pawsnwags is that she delivers what she promise!

The Man Utd Bandana

All I had to was tell her the theme & she mix & matched the colors for me. I was saved from stressing over the design & colors!!! Thank you Jasmine!!!


That was just the start, after that whenever I was running out gift ideas, I always turn to her.

Cause a furkid can never have too many bandanas right?? Hence, I went to her to create cutie bandanas for Sofia’s nieces & nephews. They are really beautiful!


What I most loved was when I ordered another set for Sofia’s friends for the Christmas party! That was abit too many orders and quite time constrain because it was the festive period & even she needed a break. But she took the effort to rush out the orders for me.

Did you see how colorful and pretty the bandana looks?

Churios- Sofia's niece with the bandanas
for herself & her siblings.

The colours standout on the furries. And the bandanas are reversible. Yeap, if you are bored of your furkid showing off only one side, just reverse it & wear it for them. Ta-dah! It’s like your furkid just got another new bandana. Haha…  

These are the bandanas given to Sofia's friends for Christmas.

PawNwags will always be my go to for orders for Sofia because she knows my preference well & also she remembers the size of my Fat Fat Princess! Haha.

Thank you Jasmine for always rushing out my orders. Looking forward to ordering collars for Sofia so that she can change according to the occasion. hehe…!!

With Lots of Love :
Minnie-Mommy of Princess Sofia!

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