Sunday, 10 March 2019

The Month Of Tripod!

Yay! March is here. It's Tripod month!

Hi all! Human Zoe and Singapore Special Tripod here! Why Tripod month, you ask? That's just a human thing. I brought Tripod home on the 31st of March 2018, and I had no intention of returning him from the start even though it was for home trial, and hence, the human officially declared March as the Month of Tripod~
Tripod on his first day of homestay! Look at his ears!

Just to share a bit about Tripod:

 Tripod is 1 year 6 months old as of 1st April, I brought him home when he was just shy of 6 month old. When Tripod first came, he was named Nimbus (though i called him Tripod the day he came to our house), was a tiny little (not very) fluff, and has a super long tail, with one ear floppy. Just imagining the half floppy ears makes the human fangirl over it again.

Tripod was very timid, and he was afraid of so many things; he even refused to get out of the house for walks and pee breaks. Here's a never ending list of what Tripod is scared of:

1. Humans (which I now realise he warms up to them quicker if that person has a dog with them )
2. Anything with wheels
3. Babies and little children (beats me why)
4. Traffic
5. My mum (fingers crossed that she doesn't see this)

At that time, honestly, even though he was super adorable, human was just a daaat bit disappointed at how timid Tripod was. Human's ideal kind of dog is actually one that is one that is very human and dog friendly, and barks when there are people at the door etc, but Tripod was the complete opposite. Till today, the number of times that he barked can be counted with one hand; + many left over fingers.

But after a while, I came to terms with it, because he looked for me for comfort, I'm a sucker for that; and I realised that raising Tripod might be a lot more fruitful and rewarding as compared to raising a dog that is "perfect", as per my ideal at that time. Looking back, I see how much Tripod improved; from refusing to get out of the house, to whining to get me to bring him out. From freaking out the moment he sees strangers, to walking calmly (most of the time), in crowded parks. And his most recent achievement: going down the lift!!!!! Every little improvement is documented in his instagram' I feel like time passes too quickly with him. In a blink of an eye, he's with me for 1 year already!

It's frustrating sometimes, I admit, when we end up having to work on our training again, but I cannot deny that Tripod is a bundle of joy to be with. I mean, him and his vain nature, and his goofy long tongue and expressions; what's not to like?
How do you not love this dog? 
Just to further emphasize my point~ 

There's so much more for me to say about Tripod, because I'm obsessed, but let me leave it as it is for now. Next week, I'll share more about how Tripod became known for his 'excessive wardrobe'. (HUMAN BEG TO DIFFER. HE DOES NOT HAVE A LOT OF ACCESSORIES)

Thanks for reading about Tripod, please do spread love to us! Till then, ciao!

Lots of Love,
Tripod and Human

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