Monday, 1 April 2019

Sofia, The Golden Princess

Hello everyone.

Firstly, Thank you PawsNWags for giving me the opportunity to blog for the Month.

I am Minnie, the proud Pawrent of Sofia the golden princess.

 Being born on April 8th 2015, this golden ball chose me to be her pawrent at two months old. My wish was to actually own a chow chow pup, but it was difficult to find a cute one with a bear face.

Princess Sofia during her puppy days.
Chubby & active pup.
With an open mind, my hubby brought me to view the golden puppies at his friend’s place. With only 3 puppies- 2 boys & 1 female left, this girl was the only one who kept running up to me. She stole my heart when she adorably fell asleep on my feet while we humans were talking. It was then that I decided to have her even though I was busy with pursuing my Diploma.

This golden ball is a best friend any girl can ask for. Even as a pup, she was the one who kept me company while I stayed up all night to complete my assignments & studied for my exams. Though she was busy tearing down the walls & destroying my sofa.
She was my motivation, my companion & my study buddy.

Sofia taught me what RESPONSIBILITY was. Learnt the definition of commitment because of her.  As a pup she was a terror and being a first time Pawrent, I knew nothing about discipling her or training her. But with the help of my hubby and a trainer, I managed to discipline her.

During the puppy days, Sofia had weak immunity. She was often getting ear & urine infections. Each vet visit cost me a bomb & I had to cut down on my shopping expenses for her. At first, I was the only princess at home. Which means, I always get what I want & I can always buy whatever I wanted. But with the arrival of this golden ball, all the privilege went to her. Yeah, even my Dad would rather buy treats for her than to buy back my favorite food.

She is pretty much allergic to almost everything. Allergies & all the infections on her was starting to annoy me that I almost wanted to give her up. Imagine spending a few hundreds per vet visit every month? Seeing her always scratching & having numerous wounds cause of her allergies broke my heart. I spent nights crying as I didn’t know how to help her.

With the advice from a close friend & deciding not to give up on her, I switched from standard shelved dog food to home cooked diet plan for her. I included supplements which helped to boost her immunity, strengthen her bones, complexion & probiotics for her digestive system. Since then her immunity and digestive system has improved vastly. 😊 Which means visit to the vet were much lesser. Thank god for that.

 She also has separation anxiety. Leave her alone and be out for a few hours, I will always have to come back to damaged golden! Yes, you read it right, DAMAGED GOLDEN!! Because she would have chewed all her 4 paws till they are swelled & sore. Or she would have ripped her fur from her tail. Imagine coming back to a partially bald & bleeding princess? It always breaks me down & causes a lot of stress. Hence, I learnt never to leave her alone at home or even if I have to, she will be on her e-collar. Yeah, just like a princess, that’s her CROWN.   
That's how badly she scratches when I left her alone just for 15mins.
Since a pup, I encouraged Sofia to meet & interact with people from all walks of life. It is the best thing I have done because she has gained lots of love from different people. She brings so much joy around. People who never really liked me are now pretty much close to me & are always pampering Sofia with lots of love & gift.

Sofia while she does her usual MEET-THE-PEOPLE Session. And a few toys she got while she met people.

Sofia has gained so much popularity that whenever I am out, people flood me with the 4 “W’s- ‘Where is Sofia?’, ‘Why isn’t she with you?’, ‘What time will she be out for her walk?’ & ‘When can I play with her?’

Thanks to my Princess, I have gained a few more good friends, became closer to my family & learnt to appreciate everything around me & be happy with little stuff.

Above all, I get to dress her up & spoil her with lots of love. Stay tune for her upcoming birthday party pictures later this month!

Just a few of her dresses & bandanas that i spent hours looking for online & purchasing them.

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