Thursday, 28 February 2019

How we became a fan of Paws N Wags

Hello again!

It's Rin, mama of Miko, Binky & Churios. I had wanted to write a post on how we became a fan of Paws N Wags last month but was super busy so I finally had time to do it today. So, how do I begin? I think I got to know about Paws N Wags around 2.5 years ago, when Binky was still a pup. Being a pup that she was, I came home one one day to see her collar bitten into 2 pieces. Hence, I contacted P&W as I had always seen her pretty customized collars on IG.

Got to find out that Ocha mummy was the person behind Paws N Wags! I can safely say that I really really like her service, as she took great pains and effort to help me find the designs which I wanted, and customized me 2 collars for Miko & Binky which they are still wearing today!

Red porcupine is for Miko and pink whale is for Binky!

Binky also has a matching collar with her friend.

During Miko's 10th birthday last year, I had asked Ocha mummy to help me customized a bandana for her, and I am absolutely in love with what she had done! She had done an Applique bandana with rainbow confetti which really brings out the birthday mood and atmosphere! Here are some pics!

Pretty Miko with her Applique bandana with the initial "M"

Of course, meimei Binky gets one too.
Miko and her friends during her barkday party!

They also have a wide variety of accessories and selection. One of Binky's childhood best friend, Shadow, customized a bandana from P&W for all of his friends last year during his birthday and it looks so pretty!

And this is a gift from Binky's sister, Sofia for Binky's puppies <3

Last but not least, we also customized a collar for Churios.
Orange collar for baby Churios, which follows her birth color!

All in all, I can say that Paws N Wags will always be my first choice when it comes to doggy accessories. All my 3 girls are wearing collars customized by Ocha mummy. Not only is it pretty, Ocha mummy really put in alot of effort and sometimes sacrificed her sleep to rush out orders for me. We will definitely recommend Paws N Wags to everyone!

From a very satisfied customer,
Rin mama & her 3 baby lions <3

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