Wednesday, 9 January 2019

First Post For PawsNWags Blog!

Hi everyone,

This is Ocha Mama. This first blog post of the year is dedicated to all my customers and friends out there a very Happy New Year!

As you all may know, I am a working mom, serving 2 lovely princesses and one naughty prince. I have a passion for sewing and of course a fabric hoarder along the way. PawsNWags started because I wanted to be able to make contributions to the animal shelters. In view of this, I am very tuned towards Uncle Khoe's Shelters, which I made donations often from my sales. Please support them too for their good cause in helping the animals.

This blog is not entirely about PawsNWags and the products. This blog is dedicated to you, yes you, my lovely supportive customers over the years.

The idea came when so many customers have moved on to become my friends now. I have seen you laugh, cry, joyful and sad. There are so much more things I want to find out about you. Not in terms of business matters, but more on a personal relationship basis.

So please tuned on this blog as I invite my customers every month to write a few articles to share about their life, their pets, could be anything that happened to them during that month.

I already have my 3 monthly guests in place. I bet you guys can't wait to find out who they are. Neither can I wait to introduce them to you! Have to keep you guys in suspense a few more days to set up the author's account.

Watch out for PawsNWags blog takeover!!

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