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Miko, the special one.

Hi everyone,

I was given the special privilege and invited by Pawsnwags to blog for the month of February. Just to introduce myself, my name is Rin and I have 3 beautiful golden retrievers - Miko, Binky & Churios, aged 11, 2.5 and 6 months old respectively.

Here's a baby Miko at 2 months old!

Another precious baby photo of Miko!

And this is Miko's annoying sister, Binky (on the left) !

Binky and her baby, Churios (on the left).

For this post, I would like to talk about Miko, who is born on February the 10th, 2008. She will always be my first love, and the special one in my heart. The story of how Miko came about, brings me back to my teenage days. My family had adopted a jack russell terrier a few years before Miko came, and I love him. However, I've always wanted a dog of my own.

Miko says hi! <3

Coincidentally, I saw a post on a 8 year old shiba inu up for adoption, and I applied. To my surprise, the owner of the shiba inu had picked me to adopt the dog. I was elated and had prepared to welcome this special one by buying a new bed, clothes, treats and etc. However, the owner texted me on the day of handover to tell me that he had decided to keep his shiba inu, called Mico. I was of course, very disappointed as I was already prepared for another dog. That was when I made the decision to buy a puppy.

To be honest, golden retrievers were never my favorite breed, even though I have 3, lol. I actually loved German Shepherds and Alaskan Malamutes. Anyway, these breeds were hard to come across 11 years ago, so I saw a post of this litter of Golden Retriever puppies that were for sale, went to see, and brought Miko home (named after Mico the shiba inu) that very day.

That was the best decision I had ever made in my entire life. Because having Miko taught me alot about responsibility. I paid for all her food, medical bills, bathe her myself and she even slept with me in my room on my bed every night. For once in my life, I felt that Miko was something that truly belonged to me, and not given by my parents as I had bought her with my own money.

A recent photo of Miko. I still feel the same way about her even til today <3

Everything was jubilant and peaceful until my older brother got married, and his wife HATED dogs. It was to the extend that she wanted both dogs (Miko and jack russell) out of the house or she would divorce my brother. She was also pregnant back then and of course, everyone sided with her. My parents then told me to give both dogs up for adoption as I was only a teenager back then, barely 20 years old and I was still in University.

I can't. I just can't. The thought of losing Miko was just too much to bear and having raised her up as a puppy myself, I know I can't give her up. That was when I made the decision to move out of the house, and ever since then, I never went back. That was also the question many people had been asking me, why don't I stay with my parents? This is the reason why.

Having a dog is for life, please only adopt or buy when you are able to commit at least 10 years of your life.

So, I took the 2 dogs and had been living outside since I was 19 years old. Learnt to do everything by myself as the responsibility of the dogs rests solely on me now. I feed them, walk them, shower them and took care of them myself. It was tiring, but I never complained. Then, one day something happened that would change me forever.

I woke up one morning and found Miko squinting her left eye, she seems to be in pain and was very uncomfortable so I rushed her to the vet immediately. I was told to give her eye drops and bring her back 3 days later. I did as told and when I brought her back to the vet, I heard a very heartbreaking news that Miko is likely blind in that eye, as the pressure in that eye was too high and it had likely damaged her nerves already.

I was left dumbfounded. I was angry, and helpless. Miko was only 2 years old back then and she was still so young. Why didn't the vet do something when I first brought her in? I have so many questions in my head but yet I don't seem to have answers for. This went on for a few months, as I kept taking her to the vet for reviews in hope that I could save that eye. I even booked an appointment for her to see an U.K eye specialist, and everything costed over $10k, all paid by me.

During the appointment with the eye specialist, it was when that he revealed to me that her left eye is confirmed to be blind, and his test kit showed that it was primary glaucoma, which is likely to be caused by genetics, and she eventually will be blind in BOTH eyes. Upon hearing that news, my heart shattered even more. I called up Miko's parents, and the owners told me none of the mother or father has history of eye problems.

Trust me, I was depressed for 6 months. I can say for sure, that this heartbreak is far worse than a breakup (to me). Because Miko was my everything, and I loved her unconditionally. But, everytime when I was reminded of how she might be blind in the other eye, just tears me apart. FYI, primary glaucoma will affect the other eye usually within 6 months to 2 years and eventually both eyes would become blind.

Fast forward, it's been more than 8 years and Miko can still see very well in her right eye and she was always happy. We do not know what caused her to be blind in the left eye even til today but it was likely due to an accident. Miko was also the reason why I was able to pull through all the hardships and remain strong all these years. Because she never once gave up, or showed any pity towards herself. So, why should we let 1 unfortunate incident bring us down?

Instead of blaming everyone or the circumstances, I was very thankful that the other eye was not taken away from her and she can still see. (I seriously had the thought of putting her down if she was totally blind as I fear that it may be too painful for her to live without sight back then). So, everything always happens for a reason and I always believe that you will see the light at the end of the tunnel. I have Miko to thank for my optimistic character.

Just took the 3 of them to MBS to see lights. They are truly my love and valentine.

So, to the public who is curious as to what happened to Miko's eye, I've written it all here.

Cheers to anyone who is reading this! And for those who is having a difficult time right now, just remember that it won't rain forever. The sun always comes out after a storm :) Or you can always talk to me, I'm a licensed counsellor btw. Hahaha

Btw, Miko has also just celebrated her 11th birthday on 10 Feb 2019! Here are some photos!

Miko's "KFC" themed cake!

And, we are also doing daycare and boarding services. Here are some pictures :)

Look at their happy smiles!

We welcome any breed of dogs and love them like our own.

Golden Retriever gang!

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Miko, Binky & Churios

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